How to prepare for your shoot – what to expect – and what to bring.

Intimate Images offers shoots with a distinct style – and if this is the style you like, this shoot of a life time is just for you. Often not understood, photographing in a specific fine art genre, means I have a specific style. It is important for both client and photographer to be on the same page, and have the same goals, or you will end up with images that you didn’t want.  Choosing me based on my style, you are not walking into my shoots “blind”, and although your images will be different to every one else’s, you will understand and have a feel for what you may expect before you book your shoot. This also helps you prepare emotionally and plan what to bring to the studio.


Getting ready

To get the most out of your shoot, it is important to make sure you arrive in your best attire – no underwear. Best you get out of those several hours before the shoot, so we avoid the lines caused by bra and party straps and elastic. Socks leave terrible lines on the ankles.

Have your hair washed, blow dried and neat. Wax the bikini line, and pluck your eyebrows. Make-up is crucial – if you do not want to make use of my make-up artist, take the time to have your make-up done professionally. It is worth every cent you spend. My make-up artist is experienced in working for the camera, and you can see some of the results on the Before and After page.


You are welcome to bring any props you want to use at the shoot. A string of pearls, large men’s shirt, of course all your sexy underwear, several push up bras. Your partner might fancy you in a specific outfit,  underwear or jewellery – bring those along. Old underwear looks old. New underwear is sexy and doesn’t distract from what is important. 

Singles and Couples

The images you receive with each package remains the same, whether you do a shoot on your own or with your partner, therefor the price remains the same. With a couple shoot I will do images of you separately as well as a couple. 


A shoot can take anything from 2 to 4 hours, depending on your chosen option. Add 45 minutes for your make up session with my Make-up artist.


All images are edited  – colour corrected, blemishes removed and airbrushed if needed. No unedited images will be handed over to you. My style of shooting is aimed at bringing the best out in my clients, to hide what I should, and accentuate the beauty – but for everything else – there is photoshop. 


Each client signs an agreement with me which will stipulate usage of the images . Your privacy is very important and will be respected. 


Your chosen images will be ready in 5 – 6 days after your shoot. Image resolution depends on your chosen option. If you are not in Cape Town, your images may be uploaded to Dropbox/WeTransfer or similar, for you to download. 



My web page was hacked – so I am starting to add new references from scratch! 

1. Dear Elsa I just want to tell you how chuffed my wife is about the photography session with you. She has been walking around the house feeling very chipper about herself, commenting that she should have done it years ago, and that she may have given some competition to Kate Moss! 

It is just the pick-me-up tonic she needs before the challenges of next week. She is going through a lot of first-time experiences at the moment, but this was one that she really enjoyed! Thank you so much for all your support….. J.

2. Hi Elsa. Thank  you  again  for  yesterday, I had  such a great  time and  I’m  looking  forward to  what  I’m  sure  will be beautiful photos. I would highly recommend  you to  anyone  interested. You  made  me  feel  comfortable and gave me good direction  and  honesty throughout. Also  I love  your  style  of  photography. 

3. Dear Elsa. Thank you for an absolutely awesome experience. It exceeded my wildest dreams – and I could not have wished for better photos. You made me feel special – and showed me that it wasn’t just talk – the photos reflected that I am truly more beautiful that I ever thought. I should have listened to my husband! 

3. Elsa, your work is awesome and I had a wonderful time. Should have done this years ago. I wish my friends would all do this. An ego boost of note. 

4. Lady – you got it. And you made me get it as well. I can never thank you enough. 

5. Thank you so much for the photos. They are all absolutely stunning. You are very talented. Thank you for taking the time to create these special memories for us.

6. Elsa!!!  Thank you so, so much for this.. I am enjoying my photos. It is like having a little new toy to play with… I have never done this before and it is such a nice little indulgence..Beautiful.

7. I speak on behalf of both of us,  when I say …..We simply love you !!! My girlfriend for getting me to do this and ending up enjoying it and you for your personable and incredible ability to capture iconic images.

8. Dear Elsa, the images are EXACTLY what I wanted. Thank you for a liberating experience, I was comfortable through out the session, and you are really very professional in your conduct.