Internationally acclaimed photographer Elsa Hoffman

brings you the best in boudoir and fine art nude photography.

The concept of intimate images was formed as I realized the experience of being photographed, is as important as the actual images.  An Intimate Images shoot is therefore much more than just photos, it’s a liberating experience.

Shoots are done in a relaxed, private studio environment. No stress, no rush, each clients enjoys a session where no one else and nothing else, is important. It is all about you – the client. A glass of wine, a cup of tea. Some chocolate…….

I work through the lens and do not have set poses, but instead each client is looked at as an individual, every woman moves differently, dresses differently and smiles differently. Every couple looks is different, some flirty, some playful, some relaxed and demure. I like to capture the essence of my clients - who they are.

Understanding light and shadow allows me to see differently. I see in black and white, and use this to hide or reveal. Classic nudes captured in this style never dates.

Most of my clients are well over the age of 40, yet look as beautiful as any woman can wish for - at any age. Images on this site are mostly of my clients, apart from one or two of friends.

A shoot with Intimate Images - is bucket-list stuff. I hope I may help you scratch this one off your list.

May visiting my site be the beginning of a lovely journey for you.


All images are copyrighted to Elsa Hoffmann. Persons over the age of 18 only.